Beware of spoilers, this is an overview of the characters aimed at people who want to refresh their memories not people who are considering watching the movie for the first time.


Brayker (William Sadler) is the current demon knight, he was appointed when the stars aligned during a battle in WWI, and he remained the last one standing. When the stars align at the beginning of the movie, he knows he will die. At this point he is already 80 and obviously on the run from the demons for 60 years and it shows that he is tired of it all.

The Collector

The name of this demon (Billy Zane) was never revealed, he follows Brayker and while at first he tried to get the key without using demonic powers, he soon switched to an all and out attack. He manages to tempt and use a lot of the people - but fails in the end when he continues to try and get Jeryline to turn.


Jeryline (Jada Pinkett Smith) is a thief, much like the first demon knight. But she is a good person and thus manages to resist the Collectors temptation. It seems very early on, Brayker saw in her the potential to be the new demon knight. After Brayker is attacked and mortally wounded, she takes charge of the situation and kills a demon before taking out the Collector. In the end, she walks away with her cat, and from the crypt keeper we hear that she travelled to Europe.


Irene (CCH Pounder) runs the "motel" where the final showdown takes place. Cordelia also works here and Jeryline as part of her work-release programm. Irene is someone who takes no bullshit from anyone and is apart from Jeryline the only person tempted by the collector who is able to resist his temptation.
After Cordelia is turned, Irene loses her arm in the battle and near the end she decides to go out taking a couple of demons with her. Together with Deputy Bob, she uses Wally's granade vest to blow herself up.

Uncle Willi

Will (Dick Miller) is an alcoholic who seems to frequent Irene's Motel. He is the one who lead Brayker there. Near the end his need for alcohol is what gets him possessed by the demons. He attacks Brayker but is eventually beheaded and then Danny takes the head to poke the eyes out with some deer trophy while the body is continuing to attack Brayker.


Cordelia (Brenda Bakke) is a sex worker who operates from Irene's Motel. She is not very happy with her life and has to suffer such pathetic customers like Roach who treat her like garbage. The collector uses this against her and tempts her successfully by promsing her love which leads to her possession and death.


Wally (Charles Fleischer) is a bit of loner. He is shy and madly in love with Cordelia. Trying to win her heart he first steals mail from the post office and then prepares to rob it. However, when Cordelia is attacked by the demons he shows true bravery and jumps to her rescue without thinking twice. Later, he is killed when Cordelia becomes possessed by the demons.


Roach (Thomas Haden Church) is one of Cordelia's customer. His name is program - he is something of cockroach. First, he tries to leave against better advice, then when attack throws Cordelia at the demons to save himself. He spends the whole time being an ass to everyone and finally steals the key from Brayker to make a deal with the Collector. However, the Collector betrays him and he ripped apart by the other demons.

Deputy Bob

Deputy Bob (Gary Farmer) is getting a lot crap from everyone but manages to get his head together in the crisis. In the end he takes his last stand together with Irene, when she blows herself up with the grenade vest.

Sheriff Tupper

The sheriff (John Schuck) is the first one to go, after he picked up the Collector and closed in on Brayker at the Motel, he finds out that both cars were stolen and thus stops the Collector from obtaining the key. Impatient, the leader of the demons kills Tupper but does not manage to get the key back from him.


Danny (Ryan O'Donohue) initially catches Brayker trying to steal his father's car, later after the besieged group tries to escape through the tunnels they come across him and when they retreat back to the motel they take him with them. Near the end Danny is also possessed and kills Brayker, before Jeryline throws him out of sealed window.

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